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Crafting Your Gaming Ornaments

Introduction to Gaming Ornaments

Are you prepared to upgrade your holiday décor? If you’re a gamer, how about making DIY gaming ornaments to wear your favorite games throughout the holiday season? These original works of art will give your tree a personalized touch and be a great way to show off your passion for gaming. Making your video game ornaments is a creative and enjoyable way to spend the holidays, regardless of your preference for contemporary console adventures or vintage arcade games.

So gather your supplies and embark on a fantastic journey to create ornaments!

Why Make Your Own?

Making your gaming baubles is a fantastic experience. Of course, you could buy ready-made ones from the shop, but what fun would that be? Making your own enables you to express your creativity and produce one-of-a-kind items that showcase your sense of fashion and passion for video games.

The joy that comes from creating your gaming ornaments is a significant selling point. You feel proud of yourself when you make something by hand and realize that no one else has an ornament like yours. It becomes a material embodiment of your love of video games and gives your holiday décor a unique touch.

Making gaming baubles also allows you total control over the entire design process. You can select hues, materials, and themes to coordinate with your preferred video games or characters. This degree of personalization guarantees that every ornament has sentimental significance and turns into a beloved component of both holiday décor and priceless memories.

Cost-effectiveness is yet another benefit. Making your DIY ornaments can help you save money and have beautiful decorations for many years instead of purchasing pricey ones from the shop.

Creating your gaming ornaments lets you express your creativity and fosters relationships with those with similar interests. Organize a crafting session with family or friends who also love gaming! Everyone’s inner artist can be let loose while having a great time together.

Instead of purchasing gaming ornaments from stores or internet vendors, gamers can create their own, giving them more creative freedom, personalization, authentic self-expression, cost savings, and the opportunity to create memories with friends during collaborative crafting sessions.

These benefits are substantial and contribute to a more enjoyable holiday season!

Materials Needed

A few essential supplies are required to begin creating your gaming ornaments. You won’t need to spend a fortune or look far and wide for these supplies, so don’t worry. You have a lot of these in your own house!

Gather some simple embellishments. Glass or plastic ones, depending on your needs and price range, might be used for these. Craft stores provide reasonably priced possibilities, or you may recycle old ornaments from past Christmas seasons.

Next, you’ll need different colored acrylic paint. Look for paints intended for crafts, which are easy to use and yield bright finishes. Remember to select colors that complement the subject of the game or the look you’re striving for.

Take out some paint and some various-sized brushes. Because of this, you can use thicker strokes and delicate details.

To add even more originality, think of using metallic pens or markers. When writing text or creating elaborate designs for your decorations, these can add luster and accuracy.

Recall to take precautions! Clear spray sealer is needed to guarantee that all your hard work endures over time. It will provide a glossy finish and shield the paint from fading and chipping.

Now that you have everything let’s make some gorgeous gaming baubles!

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Are you prepared to start creating your video gaming ornaments? Observe this methodical guide and unleash your artistic side!

1. Gather Your Materials:

To get started, you’ll need essential tools like paintbrushes, acrylic paint in various colors, transparent glass or plastic ornaments, glitter (optional), permanent markers, and any additional creative things you desire.

2. Select Your Design:

Choose a game or theme that appeals to you. Do you like old-school arcade games? If role-playing games with a fantasy theme are more your thing. Choose an ornament that speaks to you and will make you happy each time you see it.

3. Prepare Your Ornament:

Take off the ornament’s top and place it aside. Use caution when using glass ornaments to avoid breaking them! If residue remains, clean the surface before painting.

4. Paint Away:

Make an ordinary ornament a beauty for your gaming using acrylic paints! Build with a foundation color that complements the theme you have selected. Await the drying of each layer before adding more details.

5. Add Details:

After the primary color has dried, add details, such as characters or symbols connected to the game of your choice, using permanent markers or finer brushes. Use your imagination and personal touches to make it truly yours!

6. Glitterize (Optional):

For an added shine, add some glitter to areas of wet paint if you’re feeling very elegant! This is optional but can give your finished ornament a magical touch.

7. Additional Decorating (Optional):

Experiment and think creatively! Think about tying ribbon bows in complementary hues or fastening little game-related items, such as dice or miniature figurines.

8. Final Touches:

Remove the ornament’s top piece, if necessary, after thoroughly drying everything. At this point, it is ready to be displayed!

Making your gaming ornaments is a fun way to bring your passion for video games into the Christmas spirit.

Ideas for Different Themes and Games

You can create any ornament you like for your gaming baubles. Your imagination can run wild when incorporating various games and themes into your designs. Here are some original suggestions to get you going.

1. Retro Gaming:

Pay respect to enduringly popular classic video games. Make ornaments based on well-known figures such as Pac-Man, Mario, and Sonic. Use bright colors and pixelated graphics that return memories of classic arcade games.

2. Fantasy Worlds:

Use wacky decorations to breathe life into the magical settings found in fantasy role-playing games. Use felt or clay to create dragons, unicorns, elves, or wizards. Add some sparkles and glitter for an added magical touch.

3. Board Game Fun:

If you’re more of a board game person, how about making ornaments inspired by well-known games? Using wood pieces, create tiny versions of Scrabble tiles or Monopoly houses, then paint them in vivid hues.

4. Action-Packed Adventures:

Craft small weapons like swords or arrows using wire or foam sheets to recreate the thrill of epic battles or exhilarating missions. This will allow you to play the excitement of action-packed video games.

5. Sports Fania:

Gamers passionate about sports might want to explore creating gaming baubles honoring their favorite players or teams! Make paper match football helmets with team logos or use foam balls ornamented with player signatures to make miniature basketballs.

Remember that these are only a few suggestions to get you started; feel free to combine and match themes based on your tastes! When creating original gaming baubles, let your creativity run wild and try various materials like buttons, leftover fabric, and beads!

So, use your creativity to create personalized gaming décor that genuinely captures your passion for gaming! Happy creating!

How to Personalize Your Ornaments

Customizing your ornaments gives them a distinctive touch and makes them genuinely one-of-a-kind. Let’s explore some imaginative and enjoyable customization options—unlimited possibilities!

Adding names or initials to your decorations is one way to make them uniquely yours. You might employ other methods like painting, etching, or even alphabet letter stickers. As a result, each ornament will have the impression that it was created expressly for the receiver.

Adding pictures to your decorations is an additional concept. You can use ribbon or adhesive to attach miniature prints of loved ones or special occasions to the ornament. When you view the ornament hanging on your tree, it adds sentimental value and evokes fond memories.

Add embellishments like glitter, sequins, or beads if you feel crafty. Your ornaments will look more enticing when these tiny embellishments give them glimmer and depth.

Why not have a gaming enthusiast personalize an ornament with their preferred character from a game? For a unique touch demonstrating their love of video games, paint or draw their favorite character onto the decoration.

Various color schemes representing someone’s interests or personality can help you achieve a more understated yet personalized look. For instance, if they enjoy earth tones and the natural world, include greens and browns in your designs. If they have an energetic personality, make a big statement with brilliant colors that capture their spirit.

Remember to include inspirational quotes! Adding motivational quotes, whether from a beloved book, movie, video game, or encouraging phrases, to your ornaments will provide cheer and coziness over the holiday season.

Recall that customization allows you to express your creativity while emphasizing the distinctive qualities of each individual. Seize the chance to craft unique items that will be appreciated for a long time!


In conclusion, making your gaming baubles is a creative and enjoyable way to express your unique and personal passion for games. Whether making them for yourself or giving them to other gamers as gifts, the options are unlimited.

You may make lovely ornaments representing numerous gaming themes and characters by following the step-by-step tutorial and utilizing various materials. There is a video game for every type of player, ranging from the classics like Super Mario Bros. to the newest hits like Overwatch and Fortnite.

Remember to give each ornament a unique touch by using particular colors or creating individual elements that symbolize unforgettable memories from your favorite games. They will become genuinely special items with deep significance as a result.

You may mix your love of games and your creative side by making gaming ornaments. It’s a chance to show off your passion for this thrilling pastime while infusing your gaming area with a festive vibe.

So grab your supplies, unleash your creativity, and make those fantastic gaming ornaments right now! Happy creating!


Do only gamers wear gaming ornaments?

A: Not! Gamers are drawn to gaming baubles, but they may also make a quirky and exciting accent to any Christmas setting. Whether you enjoy video games or not, there are countless ways to express your creativity and customize these ornaments.

Can my kids and I build gaming ornaments?

A: Definitely! Making your gaming ornaments with your kids may be a lot of fun. They spend valuable time together, let their imaginations run wild, and create enduring memories. They will also be pleased to see their handcrafted ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Do I need prior creative training or crafting experience?

A: No prior knowledge of drawing or handicraft is required! Creating gaming ornaments aims to express your love of games creatively and enjoyably. Anybody may make their personalized decorations with easy-to-find supplies and clear directions.

How much time does it take to create a gaming ornament?

A: The complexity of the design and your level of experience will determine how long it takes. While more complex designs could take several hours, simpler ones might take a few minutes. Enjoying the process is more important than hurrying through it.

Q: Where can I get ideas for various game themes and themes?

A: You may get inspiration for your gaming ornament themes everywhere. Your favorite video game characters, symbols, or gaming consoles can serve as inspiration. Video games and craft-related online groups are also great places to find inspiration.

Can I use materials other than clay or polymer clay?

A: Definitely! There are no restrictions regarding materials used to create gaming ornaments, though clay or polymer clay are standard options because of their adaptability and simplicity. You might try cutting felt fabric cutouts and decorating them with beads or sequins. You can even recycle used game controllers or cartridges.

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